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About us

There is Greatness in you.
History & Tradition
Toppy Toddler USA manufactures bibs and offers them at wholesale and retail.

Hard work and determination is what makes America the great country where dreams come true. In every child, there is a gift of creation, a gift of innovation and a gift of exploration. There is greatness in you that only requires faith to believe that you can make it happen. History is filled with stories of men and women who took a leap of faith,to dream big and unleash the greatness within.

When the founder’s son was 2 years old, he remembers watching him eat and seeing huge mountains of rice and beans falling off his spoon, getting all over his clothes, and leaving stains on the front of his shirt.

To solve the problem, he used one of his old t-shirts as a makeshift toddler bib, and at that moment a light bulb went off in his head and the idea for Toppy Toddler USA was born.
In just a few years, Toppy Toddler USA went from selling bibs to a few parents here and there, to becoming a favorite choice for hundreds of child care centers across America.

Today, Toppy Toddler USA is quickly growing to be a leading U.S. manufacturer of baby and toddler bibs. Join the more than 700 Child Care Centers in US, feeding over 25,000 kids daily and making mealtime cleaner and easier.


There is Greatness in you.